A “Weighty” Issue

I may switch the focus of this blog to a topic that has “weighed” heavily on my mind for years:  weight/fitness/diet.

When I was in high school I played competitive tennis so I worked out a LOT…as in running several miles a day.  I could eat what ever I want and not gain an ounce…but it’s not like that anymore.  My weight was consistent in high school, and from there, over the years I gained about 50 pounds.  50 POUNDS!!!!

In June of 2010 I decided to do something about it and joined Weight Watchers.  Nothing has ever worked for me like WW.  I became a lifetime member.  I lost almost 30 pounds and kept it off for about a year.  THEN I got a new job and slowly the weight piled back on.  Last September I was back to my heaviest weight…and I felt awful…so I rejoined WW in early October.

Since October it has been a daily struggle.  Since I’m on television, people notice EVERYTHING.  I’ve actually gotten Facebook messages saying I need to lose weight.  “You are on tv–you should be more conscious of the way you look”.  Awful words that I would never even dream of saying to someone.

Soooooo since October I am proud to say I lost 18 pounds.  I have 7 more to go, and I’m having a tough time.  I’m addicted to McDonald’s, Reese’s PB Eggs and all kinds of junk food.  Like I said, it’s a daily struggle…but it’s a struggle that is worth it in the long run.  I already feel much healthier…I REALLY hope I can keep the weight off this time…


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