Okay, here goes…I have watched Project Runway for forever it seems…I think I started tuning in during season 4…but I’ve seen all of the seasons on repeat.  It is one of my favorite shows…and for some reason I enjoy watching PR on DVR.  I like knowing that I’m going to find out what happens right away instead of waiting until the next week!

I think season 10 was a good one.  I enjoyed most of the designers, and I liked how their personalities meshed.  I watched season 10 in the time-frame of two weeks.  At first, I was 100%, all about #TeamVen    I thought Ven was the end-all-be-all, and I seriously thought he would win.  His designs are amazing…BUT BUT BUT…how horrible was he during the “make-over my friend challenge”????  I can’t believe how rude Ven was…and it kind-of made me lose most of my respect towards him.  And I think he went down hill after that.

I didn’t see Dimitry winning…until I watched the finale.  As I said before, I was rooting for Ven for most of the season…after that it was Christopher (and I really enjoyed the Christopher/Gunner) banter) I liked how Dimitry and Elena were Project Runway’s version of Boris and Natasha!  It made me crack up a few times!

I was very excited to watch the finale with a non-biased point of view.  Unfortunately, I saw a spoiler on facebook.  I knew Dimitry won before I watched the finale (and I was SO CAREFUL to make sure that didn’t happen).  But even so, Dimitry was the clear winner if you were basing the winner off of the finale…his collection was clearly the best.  While I was watching this episode, I saw a preview for “PR Allstars 2″…and I noticed it was scheduled to record on my DVR this Thursday–what a pleasant surprise!  I can’t wait to find out who is on this special edition…I am ready for more fashions!!

**OH–by the way…I want to hang out with Tim Gunn!!!!

Until next time…nik

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